Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Four

/ / The Essentials . . . I’m near to wrapping up my camping series. There will be one more post after this one. But first, Part Four… all about our little home… Continue reading

Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Three

/ / The Beauty of Woods . . . Isaac and Brac needed a good rest after our morning hike/climb. To be honest, I did as well. But I also had a strong urge… Continue reading

Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Two

/ / Conquering Sand . . . We three were so excited to hit the big dune on the first full day of our camping trip that we set off unprepared. After our morning… Continue reading

Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part One

/ / How To Camp at Warren Dunes State Park (for a First-Timers Family of Three) . . . Step One: Rise and shine. Well, at least rise. Shine might have to come after… Continue reading

Beach, Weekend and Birthday Things

/ / Last weekend, the boys and I took a day trip out to Lake Michigan, ending up at a beach of which I’m not even sure of its name. That probably sounds… Continue reading

A Bump and a Tree… and a Video. A Girl.

/ / It was September 19th, three years ago today, that a beautiful friend wrote out her words to tell my story on her blog… a story I could not yet bring myself… Continue reading

Taking Stock

/ /  Making… something decorative for my home out of wooden plant labels . Cooking… I don’t cook much anymore now that I’m trying to eat much more raw food, especially salads . Drinking… water with… Continue reading

Pink and Pretty Things

/ / Peonies seem to be everywhere this year. We have them in our yard, and our neighbors have them along the side of their house, between theirs and ours. (Our yard and… Continue reading

Growing Things

/ / When I arrived home from work last Friday, I thought I’d take my camera out for some shots of the things that are growing up all around my home at the moment, as… Continue reading

Preschool No More

/ / Well, hello there old blog! It’s been too long. I don’t have the kind of free time I used to. But I couldn’t not get back on here for old time’s… Continue reading

Dani & Renato | Libertyville Maternity Photographer

/ / Last Fall, I had a truly humbling and inspiring privilege to be the photographer of a maternity shoot for a lovely mama-to-be who I have come to know, respect and befriend.… Continue reading

As I Am, With You…

/ / …and As We Are, With You. . This is the first of twelve in a series, or collaboration, that I will be creating along with some other moms and photographers… called As We Are,… Continue reading

Two Today

/ / i carry you with me into the world, into the smell of rain, and the words that dance between people and for me, it will always be this way, walking in the light, remembering… Continue reading

This Space

/ / It was exactly two years ago today that I wrote my first entry on this blog. So it’s ironic that, yesterday and the day before, I would find out that others were… Continue reading

Farewell and Happy Birthday… Until We Meet Again, Sweet Friend

/ / It’s late as I write, so I really hope to get this in before the day is done. But if I don’t, I can still say I tried and that most… Continue reading

Keith & Sherry | Naperville Engagement Photographer

/ / I had the great pleasure {and true honor} of photographing two of my favorite people in the world. Keith is a very dear and long-time friend of my husband’s, and Sherry… Continue reading

Fort Sheridan {Part Two}

/ / Here is the rest {part two} of my set of photos from my birthday day trip to Fort Sheridan. If you have a slow-speed device, it will take a while to… Continue reading

Our Annual Anniversary Hike Through the Bog

/ / Though our wedding anniversary has come and gone and several days have since passed, I still wanted to post the photos I took from our annual trip to the bog… a… Continue reading

Fort Sheridan {Part One}

/ / There were too many shots taken {that I liked and wanted to keep/include} during my traditional/annual birthday trip to Lake Michigan, and I am growing tired of slide shows {especially embedded… Continue reading

JoLynn | Wheaton Senior Portrait Photographer

/ / I really like this girl. I had the pleasure of taking her picture for a special shoot a year ago, and when I did, I instantly found her to be a… Continue reading

Finally!… Florida

/ / …and with it, hopefully a healthy dose of inspiration! . . I can’t believe I’m finally getting around to posting about our Florida trip… the Florida trip we took last May! Yup…… Continue reading

Be Still

/ / I’m sometimes amazed {maybe not as often as I should be} at how God works and gives us His word in His timing, at times he sees fit for us. Sometimes,… Continue reading

Thriving In Every Season

/ / It’s been one year as of today since we planted a tree in our backyard for our sweet daughter and buried her ashes in the ground right there among its roots. This… Continue reading

In the Living Years {Thoughts About my Dad Nine Years After His Death} and an Update… Scratch That… a First-Ever Post Documenting Our Kitchen Renovations

/ / {A zoomed-in view of part of our kitchen as it looked about a month and a half ago} . . I really hoped to get this post up first thing last Monday {August 31st},… Continue reading

Because It’s Not Every Day…

/ / … that one sees all these things. Orange cauliflower at a roadside farmstand. A bundle of carrots whose colors were almost as numerous as a rainbow’s. A Monarch butterfly that is injured, and… Continue reading

Looking Out for a Friend

/ / I love these photos from last Friday when Izzy and I drove to the city to do another fashion shoot for my fashion-blogger friend. I actually use that term only for lack… Continue reading

Second First

/ / It feels like I just posted about Izzy’s last day of his first year of preschool, and here I am already posting about the first day of his second year. ::sigh:: That… Continue reading

Lovely Linda

/ / It’s taken me two months to get this post up on my blog… but better late than never. Titling my post as I did, one would likely think the first photo… Continue reading

A Life in Pictures… and Some Thoughts to Go Along With Them

/ / While it might sound strange, if I am honest, I’d have to admit that I had not been terribly broken up the first few days after I heard that my grandmother died on Sunday. At least not the… Continue reading

What a Day That Will Be!

/ / Ever since using ⇧those⇧ words to end yesterday’s post, I’ve had this all-time favorite song of mine on the brain. Why keep such a great song with such a great reminder by such an awesome musician… Continue reading

One Century in This Life… ‘Ever With the Lord in the Next

/ / 1 For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.… Continue reading