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When a Friend Reads Your Blog

/ / I’ve pointed people here to my blog every now and then over the past year… since it has existed. I don’t really follow my stats all that much, and even if… Continue reading

1732 and Sleepless Again

/ / I should be in bed right now. But just like one year ago, I am sleepless. Today was an awful day… and not even because my daughter’s would-be birthday is tomorrow.… Continue reading

One Year of Seeing Things

 / / As I wrapped up my freelance work tonight, I thought about the date {because I was trying to gauge how much time I have to finish what work I have left… Continue reading

I Won’t Ever Understand

/ / This won’t be a well-written post. I’m tired. And all I have energy for is just whatever’s there as it comes out. Not even an attempt to say it eloquently. We lost… Continue reading

Gravity and The Worst Day of My Life – What I Remember Before I Forget

/ / grav•i•ty [grav-i-tee] 1. the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth. 2. heaviness or weight. 3. gravitation in general 4. acceleration of… Continue reading

Loss Upon Loss

/ / I have to preface that this is not complaint. It’s only what is on my heart… what I’m working through at this point in the road of loss I’ve been on. Things… Continue reading