Fort Sheridan {Part One}


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There were too many shots taken {that I liked and wanted to keep/include} during my traditional/annual birthday trip to Lake Michigan, and I am growing tired of slide shows {especially embedded flickr slideshows, which I personally think lack aesthetic quality as far as layout/package goes}. So I figured I’d instead break up my set of photos from the day into two or three posts. There are still a lot in this post. But I’m okay with that.

One of the good things about finally getting on Instagram is that it is somewhat forcing me to be more specific and choosy in the photos I post… you can’t just go ahead and post about a hundred photos in one sitting. Well, I guess you can, but I would imagine it’s frowned upon by those whose feeds will be clogged with that many photos all at once. So, I’m still learning the art of being pickier and trying to tell more with one photo {or a few} than I can with tens or hundreds of photos.

But this is not the post where I will start putting that into practice here on my blog. Many of my posts are heavy on words. This one, I’ll try to keep less wordy and let the pictures tell the story of our day.

The highlight was watching/listening to the water crashing up against the beach, as seen in these first several shots, and watching my boys play in the sand/water, all while I played with my cameras and looked for any little {or big} thing of beauty to photograph.

Fort Sheridan is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest places in Illinois. It’s just so full of a peaceful and even somewhat majestic feel… majestic for a midwest land-locked area away from mountains, that is.

It was an odd day, weather wise. At some moments, it seemed dark and gloomy, or rather, moody and peaceful. And at other moments, when the clouds would break up before accumulating into greyness again, it would seem like a bright Autumn day. Either way, it was beautiful there… like it always is.

I only hope I was able to capture and convey the beauty I saw in the pictures I took.