JoLynn | Wheaton Senior Portrait Photographer


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I really like this girl. I had the pleasure of taking her picture for a special shoot a year ago, and when I did, I instantly found her to be a special young woman. She’s going to pursue a career in neonatal nursing after she graduates. And she has a great sense of style. But what I am most impressed about is her sweet spirit and her gorgeous smile. With beautiful eyes that light up every time she smiles, I just can’t consider what I did for her a job. She is doing all the work {even though she doesn’t know it, because she wasn’t really even trying… it just came naturally}. I merely had to show up and snap away.

Her mama was a great help, too. Having her nearby for each shoot I’ve done with JoLynn has made my senior portrait subject comfortable… and at ease enough to even laugh throughout our shoot. Anyone who knows me knows that a photo of someone laughing is just about my favorite thing, and if I have had the pleasure to be the one to take the photo, well then… even better!!!

Speaking of her mama, she was a fellow university student with me when I was in school. So it’s always fun to reconnect with people I would not otherwise see outside of photography when they are at my shoots.

What a pleasure and joy it was to, once again, capture the beauty of JoLynn… this time, for her senior portraits. I could only hope that she will come back to me in the future for things like engagement photos or wedding photos or newborn photos… maybe even family photos some day. It would be so cool to stay connected to her. While that might not be realistic, I am honored I have had the opportunity to shoot with her two years in a row.