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Growing Things

/ / When I arrived home from work last Friday, I thought I’d take my camera out for some shots of the things that are growing up all around my home at the moment, as… Continue reading

JoLynn | Wheaton Senior Portrait Photographer

/ / I really like this girl. I had the pleasure of taking her picture for a special shoot a year ago, and when I did, I instantly found her to be a… Continue reading

Lovely Linda

/ / It’s taken me two months to get this post up on my blog… but better late than never. Titling my post as I did, one would likely think the first photo… Continue reading

Allen Family | Spring 2015

/ / If you’re not the scrolling kind {or you are viewing this on a device that is not scrolling-friendly} and you would rather see a slide show, I’ve included a slide show of… Continue reading

Beautiful Rising

/ / It feels like I’m coming out of a bit of hibernation in many ways, although, I still feel very much in hibernation in other ways. One particular thing that felt very… Continue reading

I See Them, But Do You See Them?

/ / Last night, I happened upon the trailer {below} for a documentary film about Dorothea Lange and her photography. I so look forward to seeing the film in its entirety, and I wrote a… Continue reading