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{Written the day this blog began, December 17, 2013}

This is the evolved space borne out of a former place. I once blogged at It’s Just How I See Things. But a new blog name was important to me.

For so long, seeing, finding—even the smallest things in life—and giving them recognition for the beauty they hold has been a goal of mine. Before it was a goal, it was an instinct to appreciate these things {often, the smaller, the more significant}… an instinct I did not realize I had until my best friend pointed it out to me while on a walk many years back.

When I latched on to photography, it opened a whole new world of seeing things. My first photography blog became my place to share just how I saw things… both visually and in thought. But I felt the need to take “I” out of the equation… out of the name. Not because “I” was ever meant to be narcissistic, but because that is a perception I hope will never emerge for anyone looking on in this place. And See Things is an admonishment to all who visit, every bit as much as it is a desire I have for myself. So this new name was born.

A new name seemed deserving of a change of space, so I started anew in this one.

There is another reason to start somewhere new. Where my former blog only captured my days from late 2008 up through the cusp of 2013/2014 {with memories of prior days sprinkled in}, this one will hopefully hold each and every day since. With the fatal diagnosis we received for our little baby girl half-way through 2013, I now view my life in two chapters… Before Anysia and After Anysia. Before she entered our lives and after she entered, only to leave us in body but stay with us always. I stopped blogging shortly after she was conceived. Now, just days before she is to be born, I am planting myself in this new blog home to pick it up again. A past chapter is done and a new one has begun. {If you want a full picture of the journey from that new beginning until now, start here… at the beginning. To follow along from there post-by-post, click the post link with the right arrow at the bottom of that first post and then each subsequent post.}

First and foremost, I am hoping to find healing in this space as an outlet and through expression. Second, I hope to tell my story, however long it takes. And third, I once again want to create a window to all that is around me… all that I see. Mainly through my photos. But hopefully with words, too.

Trisomy 18 does not define me or my life. But my daughter who has it will shape the remainder of this earthly life for me. I hope, so much, for the better. And that is why her life is a turning point in mine.

But there is still so much else, and my hope is that it will all unfold in beautiful ways… even the pain… right here in this new place.

Thank you for coming to see it with me.

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“…While with an eye made quiet by the power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
We see into the life of things.”
~William Wordsworth

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{25 weeks gestation, pregnant with my baby girl | photo by Shalice Noel}