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A Life in Pictures… and Some Thoughts to Go Along With Them

/ / While it might sound strange, if I am honest, I’d have to admit that I had not been terribly broken up the first few days after I heard that my grandmother died on Sunday. At least not the… Continue reading

The Sign I Wish I Could Wear

/ / It would say something like this… Hi. My name is Georgia. And if you’re not my husband or my son and you are spending any amount of time with me… or… Continue reading

A Song of Faith

/ / A friend sent me a link to this song today. She told me she was praying for me while listening to it the other day. What I love about the song… Continue reading

Beautiful Rising

/ / It feels like I’m coming out of a bit of hibernation in many ways, although, I still feel very much in hibernation in other ways. One particular thing that felt very… Continue reading

Reflections on Christmas and 25 Favorite Christmas Recordings Before I Take an Indefinite Break

/ / Lots of pictures and words tonight. But this is sort of a post for many days… for days past and days ahead… so it’s a long one.          … Continue reading

When a Friend Reads Your Blog

/ / I’ve pointed people here to my blog every now and then over the past year… since it has existed. I don’t really follow my stats all that much, and even if… Continue reading

One Year of Seeing Things

 / / As I wrapped up my freelance work tonight, I thought about the date {because I was trying to gauge how much time I have to finish what work I have left… Continue reading

There Was a Caesar Salad, But This Time, No Breakdown. And the Grief? I’ve Been Noticing How the Landscape Has Changed.

/ / So I went to Olive Garden with my husband and son tonight… to celebrate our fourteenth wedding anniversary. This might seem like a strange place for an anniversary dinner. But we… Continue reading

37/52 and a Tree for Anysia

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Hugging the little wooden box we {bought last December for Anysia’s ashes} just before opening it to spread the ashes out under… Continue reading

Nine Months with Her, Nine Months Without

/ / A perfect storm arose today, and I buckled under it. Somewhere around 4:00 or 5:00, the most surprising and impactful unexpected wave of grief came up from behind and struck me down.… Continue reading

I Won’t Ever Understand

/ / This won’t be a well-written post. I’m tired. And all I have energy for is just whatever’s there as it comes out. Not even an attempt to say it eloquently. We lost… Continue reading

The Parts of Our Days

/ / We had a weekend full of house updating {finally painting our hallway white so that we can finish our floors once and for all}. It felt wonderful to finish up another… Continue reading

Parts One, Two and Three

/ / How Long, O Lord? To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. . How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How… Continue reading

Hidden Heartache in a Changing Heart

/ / Hidden heartache has a way of latching itself onto the very atoms of your being, forever becoming a part of you. Sparked by all sorts of sensory impressions, it oozes out,… Continue reading

Gravity and The Worst Day of My Life – What I Remember Before I Forget

/ / grav•i•ty [grav-i-tee] 1. the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth. 2. heaviness or weight. 3. gravitation in general 4. acceleration of… Continue reading


“A portrait {or three} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Hanging out in the back yard with his neighbor/buddy. • • • I’ve got only one Izzy-ism…… Continue reading

Loss Upon Loss

/ / I have to preface that this is not complaint. It’s only what is on my heart… what I’m working through at this point in the road of loss I’ve been on. Things… Continue reading

24/52 and Six Months In

“A portrait {or four} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—In the kitchen, enjoying some time in his favorite “spinny” chair, whilst reading his Thomas the Train… Continue reading

This Day, That Other Day and a Few Things More on Motherhood

/ / This day… picked up from what I wrote about my Mother’s Day on my facebook timeline tonight… . . I thought it would be really difficult. And at one point it was…… Continue reading

Getting There + Moody Magnolias

{This photo and verse were previously posted, but not together. I’ve since combined them, so I thought I would “re-post” it along with some other images and ramblings today.} . Have you ever thought about how dull… Continue reading

Bring Me Up Again

/ / I was reminded of these verses from the Psalms by a friend today. It was so good to read the words in them, as they spoke so much to the struggle that… Continue reading

Three on Monday That Were Intended for Sunday…

/ / So I’ve got three posts today. I’ll explain… Since yesterday morning, I’ve had quite a lot mulling around in my mind. I’ve been writing and rewriting posts in my mind and… Continue reading

Between the Tallest and the Next

/ / Here I am, in the in-between. Several waves down, who knows how many more to go. Wednesday was the tallest one yet. I had to reach out to my counselor and… Continue reading

What I Remember, Before I Forget

/ / I’ve tried to sit down to write this post for several weeks, and never once did I even make it past the title. I knew, since the moment I thought of… Continue reading

Normal, Old and New{ish}

/ / Part of every misery is, so to speak, the misery’s shadow or reflection: the fact that you don’t merely suffer, but have to keep on thinking about the fact that you… Continue reading

These Days

/ / These days… . I’m struggling to find my way to this space I call See Things to put into words the things in my mind and on my heart. . I’m… Continue reading

It Can only Happen Once

/ / If it didn’t threaten to make me cry, I would probably laugh at the irony in the title of my post. Below is what my post would have read before I realized… Continue reading

Gardens, Good Grief and Tattoos

/ / This single post should probably be three… Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Instead, I’ll just sort of split it up into three sections in one, with groups of photos to… Continue reading

On Our Hearts

/ / I’ve debated whether or not to put this out there… these things we are learning about ourselves and others and grief, and how to navigate the delicate and intricate waters where… Continue reading

Friends Like These

/ / At some of the darkest moments in my life, some people I thought of as friends deserted me—some because they cared about me and it hurt them to see me in… Continue reading

My Caesar Salad Breakdown and Other Dealings in Grief

/ / It’s been almost a month. Yesterday was four weeks to the day… so, almost a month since we lost our baby girl. The hard part about saying that is that it… Continue reading