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Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Four

/ / The Essentials . . . I’m near to wrapping up my camping series. There will be one more post after this one. But first, Part Four… all about our little home… Continue reading

Beach, Weekend and Birthday Things

/ / Last weekend, the boys and I took a day trip out to Lake Michigan, ending up at a beach of which I’m not even sure of its name. That probably sounds… Continue reading

Fort Sheridan {Part Two}

/ / Here is the rest {part two} of my set of photos from my birthday day trip to Fort Sheridan. If you have a slow-speed device, it will take a while to… Continue reading

Our Annual Anniversary Hike Through the Bog

/ / Though our wedding anniversary has come and gone and several days have since passed, I still wanted to post the photos I took from our annual trip to the bog… a… Continue reading

Fort Sheridan {Part One}

/ / There were too many shots taken {that I liked and wanted to keep/include} during my traditional/annual birthday trip to Lake Michigan, and I am growing tired of slide shows {especially embedded… Continue reading

Finally… A Proper Father’s Day

/ / I hate to put it that way… proper Father’s Day… when, what can be considered “proper” with all the terribly sad things that are happening all around the world today? Grieving fathers who… Continue reading


/ / Today, he’s 45. Today, I celebrate those years. Today, I celebrate him. Today, I celebrate him because he has a purpose here. Today, I celebrate that he is the father of… Continue reading

Reflections on Christmas and 25 Favorite Christmas Recordings Before I Take an Indefinite Break

/ / Lots of pictures and words tonight. But this is sort of a post for many days… for days past and days ahead… so it’s a long one.          … Continue reading

1732 and Sleepless Again

/ / I should be in bed right now. But just like one year ago, I am sleepless. Today was an awful day… and not even because my daughter’s would-be birthday is tomorrow.… Continue reading

So, We Did This Last Night…

/ / {This is the view from our window… with our indoor tree in the foreground and the reflection of both trees in the window, each mimicking each other.} .  {This is the… Continue reading

Taking Stock

/ / Making… time for this short post… because I haven’t taken stock in a while . Cooking… …well, if one can call microwaving popcorn cooking, then… popcorn . Drinking… black cherry/concord grape juice… Continue reading


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—With Mr. B reading a comic book from the library. {I live with Batman and a gnome… so I… Continue reading

There Was a Caesar Salad, But This Time, No Breakdown. And the Grief? I’ve Been Noticing How the Landscape Has Changed.

/ / So I went to Olive Garden with my husband and son tonight… to celebrate our fourteenth wedding anniversary. This might seem like a strange place for an anniversary dinner. But we… Continue reading


“A portrait {or three} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Sleeping on the office couch in a position I’ve never seen before… one I just had to… Continue reading


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Climbing {or trying to} up dada’s back at our annual beach outing for my birthday. . . I have no… Continue reading

37/52 and a Tree for Anysia

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Hugging the little wooden box we {bought last December for Anysia’s ashes} just before opening it to spread the ashes out under… Continue reading

Quintessential Summer – County Fair

/ / Oh, happy day! I hesitate to start my post this way… while there’s so much darkness, evil or heartache going on all around the world. But my writing about something good… Continue reading


“A portrait {or two} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—With Mr. B hangin’ out at the county fair. . . . I know there’s not really a… Continue reading

The Lighter Side

/ / I thought I would post the photos from our mini excursion last Sunday to Illinois Beach State Park in an effort to show the lighter side of life right now. I… Continue reading


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” . .

This Day, That Other Day and a Few Things More on Motherhood

/ / This day… picked up from what I wrote about my Mother’s Day on my facebook timeline tonight… . . I thought it would be really difficult. And at one point it was…… Continue reading


      “A portrait {or three} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—lounging with Dada on the couch while they watch television in the office. . . .… Continue reading

On Trees and the Difference a Year Can Make / / What I Remember, Before I Forget

/ / I should be in bed right now, getting well-rested for the play date Izzy and I have in the morning with two of our favorite people. But I really wanted to… Continue reading

Fit for a King

/ / From our Thursday morning breakfast outing at Burger King… In almost three years, this might be my favorite of him yet. . I’m kind of diggin’ this one too. . A… Continue reading

From the Archives

Thanksgiving, 2013. This photo’s a clicker… much better viewed larger. You can click it to see it that way. / / Mr. B’s brother and his pregnant wife and their daughter had left… Continue reading

For his Pal-entine

/ / “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso / / Because I’ll probably never get this creative or elaborate with… Continue reading

Out of the Woods

/ / Nine days in, I think we’ve finally turned a corner {picture me knocking on the wood cabinet next to my desk}. Izzy has had a nasty virus {it’s going around} that… Continue reading


/ / I have recently taught Izzy how to give an eskimo kiss, which I’ve only just today learned has a term… kunik. It’s the sweetest thing to watch when he gives them… Continue reading

On Our Hearts

/ / I’ve debated whether or not to put this out there… these things we are learning about ourselves and others and grief, and how to navigate the delicate and intricate waters where… Continue reading

My Caesar Salad Breakdown and Other Dealings in Grief

/ / It’s been almost a month. Yesterday was four weeks to the day… so, almost a month since we lost our baby girl. The hard part about saying that is that it… Continue reading

He Knows the Way

/ / Migration by The Innocence Mission {listen below} . My love will sail this ship through great storms and ice flows. He is not afraid as I am, he is not afraid.… Continue reading