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Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Four

/ / The Essentials . . . I’m near to wrapping up my camping series. There will be one more post after this one. But first, Part Four… all about our little home… Continue reading

Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Three

/ / The Beauty of Woods . . . Isaac and Brac needed a good rest after our morning hike/climb. To be honest, I did as well. But I also had a strong urge… Continue reading

Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part Two

/ / Conquering Sand . . . We three were so excited to hit the big dune on the first full day of our camping trip that we set off unprepared. After our morning… Continue reading

Michigan Dunes Camping Trip — Part One

/ / How To Camp at Warren Dunes State Park (for a First-Timers Family of Three) . . . Step One: Rise and shine. Well, at least rise. Shine might have to come after… Continue reading

Beach, Weekend and Birthday Things

/ / Last weekend, the boys and I took a day trip out to Lake Michigan, ending up at a beach of which I’m not even sure of its name. That probably sounds… Continue reading

Our Annual Anniversary Hike Through the Bog

/ / Though our wedding anniversary has come and gone and several days have since passed, I still wanted to post the photos I took from our annual trip to the bog… a… Continue reading

Finally!… Florida

/ / …and with it, hopefully a healthy dose of inspiration! . . I can’t believe I’m finally getting around to posting about our Florida trip… the Florida trip we took last May! Yup…… Continue reading

In the Living Years {Thoughts About my Dad Nine Years After His Death} and an Update… Scratch That… a First-Ever Post Documenting Our Kitchen Renovations

/ / {A zoomed-in view of part of our kitchen as it looked about a month and a half ago} . . I really hoped to get this post up first thing last Monday {August 31st},… Continue reading

A Life in Pictures… and Some Thoughts to Go Along With Them

/ / While it might sound strange, if I am honest, I’d have to admit that I had not been terribly broken up the first few days after I heard that my grandmother died on Sunday. At least not the… Continue reading

One Century in This Life… ‘Ever With the Lord in the Next

/ / 1 For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.… Continue reading

Why Four{ish} Is My Favorite

/ / Why this fourish st{age} Izzy’s in right now is my favorite?… In a nutshell, it’s because never in my life have I had more fun or laughed more than right now. Coming off… Continue reading

Finally… A Proper Father’s Day

/ / I hate to put it that way… proper Father’s Day… when, what can be considered “proper” with all the terribly sad things that are happening all around the world today? Grieving fathers who… Continue reading

From August to May

/ / It’s official. Izzy is a learned {little} man. He now has one full year of schooling under his belt, and I have two thick binders full of the cutest little art… Continue reading

Timely, Tried and True

/ / Dear Izzy, I think God may have heard my heart’s prayer asking for a different view. When we woke up today, there were about ten tree removal workers across the street, cutting down… Continue reading

Life Lately

/ / “It turns out that bliss—a second-by-second joy + gratitude at the gift of being alive conscious—lies on the other side of crushing, crushing boredom… Constant bliss in every atom.” ~David Foster Wallace… Continue reading

Easter Dinner

/ / I barely had enough time to cook it, so I certainly wasn’t going to take the time photograph it… but, since my Easter dinner plans called for 39 {yes, 39} eggs,… Continue reading

Celebrating Mom

/ / A while back, I gathered up all my favorites from the collection of photos I have of my mom for her birthday… I think it was when she turned 70. I had… Continue reading


/ / Today, he’s 45. Today, I celebrate those years. Today, I celebrate him. Today, I celebrate him because he has a purpose here. Today, I celebrate that he is the father of… Continue reading


 / / {Above is the cover… or front page… I made for the 100th Birthday Scrapbook that my sister and mom put together for my grandma.} . . Though it’s been two months since… Continue reading

Reflections on Christmas and 25 Favorite Christmas Recordings Before I Take an Indefinite Break

/ / Lots of pictures and words tonight. But this is sort of a post for many days… for days past and days ahead… so it’s a long one.          … Continue reading

Happy First Birthday

/ / Dear Anysia, I wonder if you know all this already. Perhaps… but I’ll tell you in a letter, anyway. Actually, I think this might be the first letter I will have written to… Continue reading

Taking Stock

/ / Making… time for this short post… because I haven’t taken stock in a while . Cooking… …well, if one can call microwaving popcorn cooking, then… popcorn . Drinking… black cherry/concord grape juice… Continue reading

The Parts of Our Days

/ / We had a weekend full of house updating {finally painting our hallway white so that we can finish our floors once and for all}. It felt wonderful to finish up another… Continue reading

The Lighter Side

/ / I thought I would post the photos from our mini excursion last Sunday to Illinois Beach State Park in an effort to show the lighter side of life right now. I… Continue reading

Easter Day

/ / Since I can’t seem to write at all these days, I figure at least posting photos is better than posting nothing. Then I’ve still managed to document some sort of a visual record… Continue reading

Three on Monday That Were Intended for Sunday…

/ / So I’ve got three posts today. I’ll explain… Since yesterday morning, I’ve had quite a lot mulling around in my mind. I’ve been writing and rewriting posts in my mind and… Continue reading


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy: My little monster sitting nicely for a picture for me in his little monster shirt. .

Ninety-nine + What I Remember, Before I Forget

/ / Today was my grandmother’s 99th birthday. Ninety-nine! That’s amazing to me. I did not get to see her for this birthday like I was able to for some of her other… Continue reading

Taking Stock

/ / Making… nothing, until I get myself to the store to buy some supplies I’ll need for my next d.i.y. project . Cooking… nothing, because it’s 4:30 and dinner-time won’t be here… Continue reading

From the Archives

Thanksgiving, 2013. This photo’s a clicker… much better viewed larger. You can click it to see it that way. / / Mr. B’s brother and his pregnant wife and their daughter had left… Continue reading


/ / We’ve hit that stage. The terrible twos are here {though our Izzy will be three in just a few months}. Tantrums are now part of our everyday. . Yes, that’s right.… Continue reading