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1732 and Sleepless Again

/ / I should be in bed right now. But just like one year ago, I am sleepless. Today was an awful day… and not even because my daughter’s would-be birthday is tomorrow.… Continue reading


/ / I love these feet photos that my photographer friend took when Anysia was born. There are so many solemn and sacred photos from that day, for which I am grateful, because… Continue reading

Waiting Room

/ / This hasn’t been one of my better days. I can’t even really say why. I could ramble on about some of the reasons. But I don’t feel like getting overly-specific. The… Continue reading


/ / It has been one week. And I can’t quite even fathom how a whole week has passed. Days and weeks don’t really feel like measurements anymore, when all is a blur.… Continue reading

In Heavenly Peace

/ / My sweet baby girl is gone. Izzy is out on a daddy date with Mr. B. on this Christmas Eve day, giving me some much-needed alone time. My house is a mess.… Continue reading

This Gift of Time

/ / I wrote for the last time on my first photography blog today. Actually, it was in the wee hours last night when I couldn’t sleep. And more accurately, I should state that I… Continue reading