Lovely Linda

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It’s taken me two months to get this post up on my blog… but better late than never.

Titling my post as I did, one would likely think the first photo in it would be of someone named Linda. But, instead, it’s a photo her two sweet girls with my Izzy {in their backyard} that I’m starting with… one of my favorite photos yet of Izzy with friends that I’ve had the privilege of taking. I’ll get to the “lovely” part in a bit.


First… below are two more shots of these three friends… because I couldn’t pick a favorite of the few. {The last time I got pictures of these three, as well as my friend, was on a fun Autumn walk in 2012.} Actually, this post {outside of what I write in it} is pretty much a photo dump, because I took so many that day, and I couldn’t seem to pick favorites… so I am “dumping” them all out of my camera “bucket” and into my blog “bucket”. I have a lot of Summer pictures to do that with, so this will likely just be the first of many.




As for the reason we were at this sweet family’s home to take all these pictures…

I was asked by my friend, Linda, to get some photos of her oldest daughter {the next three photos below} that they could submit as head-shots in hopes of her getting some singing/acting/modeling type of gigs for her. I still remember when her two girls were born, so being there to take pictures of the older one for something that just goes to show how much she’s growing up… and how quickly… well, it makes me feel old, not to mention that the years are flying by! I thought, how can this be that I’m photographing such a lovely young lady who, not that long ago, was just a little toddler running around? It was surreal, but also a true honor. Isaac loves to hang out with my friend’s two daughters, and there is no denying it when I look at the photos of them. But his opinion aside, I’ve come to realize that my friend’s two girls are just as sweet and thoughtful as their mom, beautiful inside and out… and I, too, enjoy spending time with them.
_DSC5097_cropped-2_bw  _DSC5098-5107

When we got home from their house that day, Mr. B asked me how our time was. I don’t remember exactly all that I said, but I do remember this part {because it was the part that is the reason for my blog post title}…

I told him how much fun we had and how nice our time was, and then I said {referring to my friend Linda}, “She is just so lovely.” Mr. B replied with “Lovely Linda.” He paused, noticing the inquisitive look on my face, with his explanation ready… “Paul McCartney wrote a song called Lovely Linda.”

How sweet. I hadn’t known that… and I consider myself a fan of McCartney’s music. I always love the musical facts and trivia that my husband shares with me… all stored up there in that big ol’ file-cabinet-of-musical-facts brain he has. I don’t know that I have ever heard that song {and if I did, it didn’t make enough of a mark for me to remember the name of it}. But I’d like to hear it now. McCartney wrote it for his wife, which makes me like it even more than just for the endearing title, and now I’m sure hearing it will also make me think of my friend.

Lovely she is.

I could have just shown up with Izzy and asked him to wait patiently while I got some pictures, then left for the day. And that would have been perfectly fine. But lovely Linda had an entire plan for our day. Izzy and I have been there for play dates with her youngest before. So Linda just turned the photo shoot into something similar… but so much more!

We were to have an outdoor picnic!

Perhaps I’m just speaking through my four-year-old’s eyes, or maybe it’s just the way I felt like a kid again that day, but it was the best picnic I’ve had in a long time.

Our friends had homemade personal pizzas on the menu, along with so many other delicious treats… all meant to be enjoyed out in the back yard on some blankets for our sweet impromptu picnic. It couldn’t have been more enchanting. There were egg salad sandwiches {just YUM!} and homemade green tea cookies. There was also melty chocolate for dipping the summeriest strawberries and cherries into. And freshly brewed iced tea… two kinds, both fancifully flavored. All of it was dished out on the sweetest little kiddo plates that I ever did see, and served by the sweetest three ladies I ever did meet. Izzy and I felt like royalty in some magical little children’s book. And we were surrounded by the brightest cheerful colors… from the clothes they wore to the table clothes and blankets that adorned our picnic and the food spread out on them, as well as the flowers and trees that surrounded us… and even in the bubble-blowing containers and sidewalk chalk we later played with.

And the setting… well, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Trees on both sides of the back yard enclosed us in our own little Neverland… like being in a secret garden. We could hear the birds, as they surely heard us laugh and play.

Oh… and how could I forget cake? There was the funnest cake I’ve ever seen, covered in a rainbow array of sprinkles, exploding with red, white and blue M&Ms on the inside… to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

She went all out, my friend. Because I already had my camera there for professional use, I couldn’t help but capture the play we stayed for, too. Like I said… there were just so many photos from the day, and it was difficult to pick out a few favorites. To save at least a little room, I made animated GIF files out of some of the groups of photos… especially when there were similar shots. I think the lot of every photo together will tell the story better than anything I could write about each photo. So I’ll just share the photos below… in hopes they will tell what a perfect day lovely Linda made for us all.





























































_DSC5394  _DSC5398   _DSC5409   _DSC5407   _DSC5411




_DSC5435   _DSC5441   _DSC5444   _DSC5447   _DSC5450-cropped








































_DSC5339  _DSC5586   _DSC5596   _DSC5601   _DSC5604   _DSC5606   _DSC5622-cropped   _DSC5620   _DSC5644   _DSC5656   _DSC5646   _DSC5649_5663new   _DSC5668   _DSC5682   _DSC5684-cropped   _DSC5683   _DSC5689   _DSC5692   _DSC5698   _DSC5709   _DSC5712_5714new   _DSC5715   _DSC5753   _DSC5761   _DSC5739_5741new   _DSC5750   _DSC5760   _DSC5774   _DSC5776   _DSC5779-5782new   _DSC5785   _DSC5787   _DSC5794   _DSC5790   _DSC5797   _DSC5800   _DSC5803   _DSC5804-5806newnew   _DSC5808   _DSC5811   _DSC5824_5830   _DSC5812_5820





As if it wasn’t already evident without my saying so in the last four photos, our day tired Izzy out pretty good… but the best kind of tired there is. We had to wait around after our visit to pick up Mr. B from work, so we stopped for a snack {french fries} while we waited. Before he could even finish his fries, he was out… and the fries ended up on the car floor. But not his treasured parting gift from his two playmates… the orange sidewalk chalk they let him take home. That was safely tucked at his side… a safely-kept token of their friendship and reminder of his joy-full day.