If We Lived for Food… Instead of the Other Way Around

/ / {I had a photo without Izzy’s photo-bombing hand in it, but this one made me smile, so I’m using it instead. Smiles over perfection win every time.} . I thought I would… Continue reading

Why Four{ish} Is My Favorite

/ / Why this fourish st{age} Izzy’s in right now is my favorite?… In a nutshell, it’s because never in my life have I had more fun or laughed more than right now. Coming off… Continue reading

Finally… A Proper Father’s Day

/ / I hate to put it that way… proper Father’s Day… when, what can be considered “proper” with all the terribly sad things that are happening all around the world today? Grieving fathers who… Continue reading

Little Boy

/ / June, 15, 2011… at 10:32 in the morning… you were born, my precious boy. And it was the happiest day of my life. It’s a tale often told by so many…… Continue reading

The Sign I Wish I Could Wear

/ / It would say something like this… Hi. My name is Georgia. And if you’re not my husband or my son and you are spending any amount of time with me… or… Continue reading

My First, and Though It’s Not a Goal I Previously Set, Maybe Not My Last… Who Knows!…

/ / The first time one of my photos has appeared in Real Simple Magazine, that is. When I took the below photo a year ago {during a Mother’s Day / blog start-up photo… Continue reading

From August to May

/ / It’s official. Izzy is a learned {little} man. He now has one full year of schooling under his belt, and I have two thick binders full of the cutest little art… Continue reading

Missing You, Florida, and Your Lovely Face.

/ / We’ve been back since early Sunday morning… Mother’s Day. Despite having to rise at 3am on Mother’s Day to catch a 6am flight out of Tampa {with not one wink of… Continue reading

Timely, Tried and True

/ / Dear Izzy, I think God may have heard my heart’s prayer asking for a different view. When we woke up today, there were about ten tree removal workers across the street, cutting down… Continue reading

Life Lately

/ / “It turns out that bliss—a second-by-second joy + gratitude at the gift of being alive conscious—lies on the other side of crushing, crushing boredom… Constant bliss in every atom.” ~David Foster Wallace… Continue reading

All That Dwells

/ / Little things are popping up everywhere around here, even despite the cold {and snow!}. It’s a picture of tenacity I like to see. God’s beautiful creation doing what it is designed to,… Continue reading

A Song of Faith

/ / A friend sent me a link to this song today. She told me she was praying for me while listening to it the other day. What I love about the song… Continue reading

Allen Family | Spring 2015

/ / If you’re not the scrolling kind {or you are viewing this on a device that is not scrolling-friendly} and you would rather see a slide show, I’ve included a slide show of… Continue reading

Easter Dinner

/ / I barely had enough time to cook it, so I certainly wasn’t going to take the time photograph it… but, since my Easter dinner plans called for 39 {yes, 39} eggs,… Continue reading

Celebrating Mom

/ / A while back, I gathered up all my favorites from the collection of photos I have of my mom for her birthday… I think it was when she turned 70. I had… Continue reading

Nothing but Silence

/ / “There are times when God sends thunder to stir us. There are times when God sends blessings to lure us. But then there are times when God sends nothing but silence… Continue reading


/ / Today, he’s 45. Today, I celebrate those years. Today, I celebrate him. Today, I celebrate him because he has a purpose here. Today, I celebrate that he is the father of… Continue reading

Beautiful Rising

/ / It feels like I’m coming out of a bit of hibernation in many ways, although, I still feel very much in hibernation in other ways. One particular thing that felt very… Continue reading


 / / {Above is the cover… or front page… I made for the 100th Birthday Scrapbook that my sister and mom put together for my grandma.} . . Though it’s been two months since… Continue reading

52/52 {and a Few Final Thoughts for My Final Project-52 Post}

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Doing what he did a year ago for me, but instead of sitting for my second Project 52 post of 2014 {next… Continue reading

Reflections on Christmas and 25 Favorite Christmas Recordings Before I Take an Indefinite Break

/ / Lots of pictures and words tonight. But this is sort of a post for many days… for days past and days ahead… so it’s a long one.          … Continue reading


“A portrait {or four} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—On Christmas Eve, watching Polar Express in his new Christmas jammies, and on Christmas morning, opening his… Continue reading

When a Friend Reads Your Blog

/ / I’ve pointed people here to my blog every now and then over the past year… since it has existed. I don’t really follow my stats all that much, and even if… Continue reading

A Different Letter, One Year Earlier

/ / A couple of days ago, I wrote a letter to Anysia on her first birthday. It is the first I’ve ever written, but hopefully not the last. Today, I wanted to… Continue reading

Happy First Birthday

/ / Dear Anysia, I wonder if you know all this already. Perhaps… but I’ll tell you in a letter, anyway. Actually, I think this might be the first letter I will have written to… Continue reading

1732 and Sleepless Again

/ / I should be in bed right now. But just like one year ago, I am sleepless. Today was an awful day… and not even because my daughter’s would-be birthday is tomorrow.… Continue reading


“A portrait {or two} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Graciously allowing me to take his picture in front of the tree with a Santa hat on… Continue reading

One Year of Seeing Things

 / / As I wrapped up my freelance work tonight, I thought about the date {because I was trying to gauge how much time I have to finish what work I have left… Continue reading

So, We Did This Last Night…

/ / {This is the view from our window… with our indoor tree in the foreground and the reflection of both trees in the window, each mimicking each other.} .  {This is the… Continue reading


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Playing with his Thomas Legos in the office while he watches the Thomas cartoon on television. . . . .


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / Izzy—Daydreaming about what he’ll get for Christmas as he looks at the daily toy ads. It’s so precious to… Continue reading