Taking Stock

/ / Making… get-organized lists . Cooking… Izzy’s chicken fingers and carrots {can I get away with calling that cooking?} . Drinking… a cup of earl grey with cream . Reading… through the… Continue reading

Just a Couple of Things

/ / Okay… since grieving does not necessarily always have to equal sadness and sorrow, I thought I could use a little whimsy around here today, so I figured maybe others could too.… Continue reading

The Milk and the Love

/ / I just want someone to give this new-baby love to. I said it out loud again today. My heart’s been crying it out every day and minute since the first time… Continue reading

What Makes Life so Sweet

/ / Isaac was looking out the window at the snow today {or maybe it was yesterday… can’t even remember now} and asked me if it was blue. I thought it was a… Continue reading


“A portrait {or several} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” / / I got this post in just in time. I’m joining the ranks of many mama bloggers who are… Continue reading

January 6th Land

/ / Bad days seem to be every-other lately. Yesterday was not all that difficult. Logically, then, I guess I don’t really have to explain what kind of day today was. I was… Continue reading


/ / I love these feet photos that my photographer friend took when Anysia was born. There are so many solemn and sacred photos from that day, for which I am grateful, because… Continue reading

Waiting Room

/ / This hasn’t been one of my better days. I can’t even really say why. I could ramble on about some of the reasons. But I don’t feel like getting overly-specific. The… Continue reading

From Winter Comes Spring

/ / Surprised by joy—impatient as the Wind I turned to share the transport—Oh! with whom But Thee, deep buried in the silent tomb, That spot which no vicissitude can find? Love, faithful… Continue reading

B-B-B-Bird Bird Bird, Bird is the Word

/ / We just got back from a walk through the neighborhood. We took Izzy out to see the Christmas lights strung up all over houses, yards and trees throughout this part of… Continue reading

Peace of God

/ / How I need reminder of verses like these lately. Peace. I long for peace. Even when I’m 99.9% there, there’s a sliver of doubt. I keep coming back to. It’s natural… Continue reading


/ / It has been one week. And I can’t quite even fathom how a whole week has passed. Days and weeks don’t really feel like measurements anymore, when all is a blur.… Continue reading

Christmas Time

{above photo property of Imago} / / As I wrote about yesterday, it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas this year. I wonder if this is because, in some ways, I don’t want… Continue reading

In Heavenly Peace

/ / My sweet baby girl is gone. Izzy is out on a daddy date with Mr. B. on this Christmas Eve day, giving me some much-needed alone time. My house is a mess.… Continue reading

This Gift of Time

/ / I wrote for the last time on my first photography blog today. Actually, it was in the wee hours last night when I couldn’t sleep. And more accurately, I should state that I… Continue reading


/ / Taking stock of all that I have this Christmas. So much. Izzy is at the top of the list… and his love for what he sees and treasures. Snow is at… Continue reading