“A portrait {or eight} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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Izzy—Rocking in his chair before I move everything out of his room to sweep.
. .

I have such a difficult time picking just one whenever I set out to take a Project 52 picture of him each week. I can never take just one photo. And… well, then it’s hard to pick just one. I never did sweep up in there. I could probably have a spotless house if I hadn’t started this project or any other blog posts or series… or if I didn’t have a camera period. But then, I also wouldn’t have such telling and priceless photographs of my sweet boy at this most wonderful stage of his life.

I wonder what percentage of photographer/bloggers have messy homes. It seems low based on the photos I see. But I know all the tricks… you take a picture in the direction of the most tidy part of your home, or blur the background so no one can tell just how messy it is. Yup. I’m sure we all do it. I’ve seen other momtographers admit as much. So I know I’m not alone.

Below are my Izzyisms for the week…


Izzy: I want Anysia back, and I’m sad.
Me: Me too, Isaac.
Izzy: I don’t want you to be sad, notherwise I will be sad too. Will Chach {his giraffe} make you happy?
Me: How did you get to be so cute?
Izzy: I take cute pills. So I’m cute. But rock stars aren’t cute, so actually, I don’t take cute pills, ’cause I’m a rock star. I’m not cute.
Izzy: Rock stars don’t play cars. Rock stars play rock ‘n’ roll.
Izzy: Knock-knock.
Me: Who’s there?
Izzy: Chicken?
Me: Chicken who?
Izzy: Chicken crossed the road.
Me: {Humoring him} Bah-ha-hah!
Me: Knock-knock.
Izzy: Who’s there?
Me: Chicken.
Izzy: Chicken who?
Me: Chicken Run!
Izzy: Noooo… that doesn’t go with jokes. That goes with a movie. So let’s leave that part out.
Izzy: Mama, you can play cars with me, because it’s a girly thing, and not just a boyly thing.
Mr. B: Boyly?