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“A portrait {or two} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”
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Izzy: Perched up on our sheep skin rug that was in transition {laying atop the coffee table that was also in transition}, watching cartoons showing in the living room from his dining room throne… because it must be just that comfortable for him to sacrifice a good view. {Note, you can’t even see the television in these photos… which shows how un-optimal a view he had. Priorities.}

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I just had to post these two shots for this week’s 52Project, in light of a lovely recent message I got from my former youth pastor’s wife… who has been following my blog for some time, to my surprise and delight.

She had several nice things to say about this new blogging space and about Anysia and what I’ve written about so far, as well as some nice things to say about Izzy in relation to those things. Then she added something that sort of struck my funny bone. She said, “I’m sure my imagination is nothing like your reality, but I see your little family living a bohemian lifestyle with music and art and culture. It’s the life I would love to live.”

I had to laugh, because though I make some bohemian-esque style choices {i.e. the green scarf that is always wrapped around my noggin, the way I sometimes dress, some of my furnishings…eh-hem, sheepskin rug…and the many thrifted finds I own}, I don’t see myself so much as living the bohemian life…

Although, in my mind, I would like to think of myself as bohemian chic, listening to only the most current, not-overly-known, indy musical artists and living the equivalent of that in all other areas, too… vocation, decor, travel {yeah, right!}, hairstyle, wheels {yeah, right!}, cooking, dress {hahaha!} and leisure time.

But I’m just not that hip. And neither are my boys. The hippest thing in our world is that sheep skin rug… which we’ve had since the turn of the century {that sounds funny to say, but it’s true}, before they became uber trendy, mind you. Everything else is just a mish-mash style of hand-me-downs {though we are at least trying to streamline everything to be all mid-century-modernish… almost there} with hints of coolness sometimes budding up into our very out-of-touch lifestyle.

I thought it was sweet of her to say, though. And it just goes to show how you can give such a different impression online {either purposefully or unintentionally} than what your reality is. In a dream world, we would look like, sound like and live like one of the members of Fleet Foxes and… ummmmmm. OH, SEE??? I don’t even know what female music artist to pick for myself, because that is how out of touch I am. Truly. And I refuse to google “female indy musicians” right now to further my point! I’ll just say that Fleet Foxes member’s wife.

Yes… that’s us. The square couple living with our sweetest-but-cooky son and one boss sheep-skin rug {that if you were to look closely, as of today, has melted red popsicle stains on it}.

All I could say back to my youth pastor’s wife looking on from afar was a hearty thank you! I will take that as a very nice compliment and aspire to meet your ideal as we continue to make our little mid-century modern ranch our own.

Oh, just wait until she sees the macrame hanging on my wall in the bedroom makeover post when I get to it! She’ll flip!

This installment of 52Project is for you, Jean. If you click on the images of Izzy, you’ll see more closely that what looks sort of bohemian from afar, is really just a mess.

I took this test, and it turns out my home is not bohemian. But I must say, there is a lot of “me” in some of those photos, especially 2, 3, 7 and 10.
And this look… I love this look!