Missing You, Florida, and Your Lovely Face.


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We’ve been back since early Sunday morning… Mother’s Day. Despite having to rise at 3am on Mother’s Day to catch a 6am flight out of Tampa {with not one wink of sleep the night before… adrenaline being the culprit, I assume}, and despite the fact that my camera broke on our trip {about half way into it}, I look back on those eight days with fond memories, especially the parts where I saw our son enjoying this whole new tropical world called Sunny Florida… and sunny it was! His time at the beach and pools and getting to see his cousins are the joys that remain in my mind more than anything. And I got plenty of photos to help preserve those joys in my mind. I can’t wait to post more of them, but I’m still wading through them all. I imagine I’ll have to post in a several-parts series, because there are just too many.

We seem to get down to see Mr. B’s parents about every three years. I haven’t even completed posting photos from the previous two trips in 2009 and 2012. I think this trip was the one I got the least amount of shots on. That is in part due to my camera breaking. But also because I am more selective in what I photograph than I used to be. Still, there will be many to post.

I didn’t take the time to get quite as creative this time. I sort of wanted to just enjoy the landscape, rather than constantly photograph it {although, I did shoot every sunset… because every sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is worthy of at least one picture in my opinion}. But I tried my best to capture the people… especially Izzy and Mr. B.

While it wasn’t as carefree a trip as previous ones, I am grateful for the change of scenery we had. And I’m grateful that we were able to do nothing but relax and soak in the sea air and sun. I rarely checked the one device I had with me… my old-school, non-smart phone… only a couple of times to arrange pick-up from the airport upon our return. Other than that, I was free of all things device- and electronic-related… other than my camera, which I used at my complete discretion, and not because it was ringing or alerting me to pick it up. I’m convinced more and more that this is the way I would like to live. Sometimes I wonder if the constant portrayal of life and lives on all the devices we have at our disposal is making us miss the life and lives right in front of our faces… the life and lives happening in real-time, framed only by our eyes and not by a media screen.

My goal was to see those on this trip.

Mission accomplished!

Other than some photos for journaling about our trip, I steered clear of connecting with any non-human connector, enjoying Florida like never before. And not just connecting with people, but with the rest of creation, too.

Izzy’s first words on the plane home were, “I’m gonna miss Florida. I think I might even cry.” And the red, watery eyes and quivering lower lip while speaking made me believe he meant every word. It was so sweet. And I have to say… I quite agreed.

But, alas, we’re home again. And somehow, it feels like the trip served as a sort of restart button. New habits. Fresh inspiration. A segue from Spring to Summer {thought it’s not official on the calendar yet}. Even the last day of preschool tomorrow makes it feel like the start of a new chapter in our year. And coming back to the green, filled-in trees everywhere, where all was still popping out before we left, makes everything seem like newness. So I’m clutching on to all that momentum and I’m going to use it to make a great, full season for us… recharged and renewed.

If I remember correctly, that is what vacations are all about. How grateful I am that we could get away.

More photos for journaling our time away to follow.