Allen Family | Spring 2015

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If you’re not the scrolling kind {or you are viewing this on a device that is not scrolling-friendly} and you would rather see a slide show, I’ve included a slide show of this photo shoot below. Sometimes I like to see a shoot all together, instead of one photo at a time, though. So for those who would prefer to look at the photos that way too, all the photos also appear in a column format below the slide show… lots of them. {It’s just too hard to pick only a few of this sweet family}.

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I’ve really been itching to do another home shoot, so I was delighted when a friend of mine asked me to take some pictures of her family, recently increased in members from three to four upon the addition of their little baby boy earlier this year. I used to work with this lovely woman, and I remember hearing often, after I first started my job, that I could pass as her sister because people thought we look alike. Well, I can only hope I look half as beautiful as she is, so I always took that as a compliment.

It was an honor to spend time in their home photographing the faces and surroundings that make them them. I’ve visited before, in a different setting… as a guest, and not a photographer. So I can vouch that, other than the fancy ties being worn by two of the gentlemen in the family, this is how it is around their home from day to day. And let the record state… the ties aren’t a just-for-photos show, as I know they regularly get worn for any occasion where the Allen boys are required to look dapper outside the home. Well, I’m glad they considered my presence there such an occasion! =)

But enough about all that… let’s just get to the photos. While I love them all, there are about four or five that absolutely warm my heart. And that’s not to my credit. I was just walking around hoping to capture some beautiful moments. It was they who created the moments. And quite beautifully, I think… even when baby Allen was crying… well, ’cause he is a baby after all.


I so love that laughing smile.
_DSC0754This one, with mom’s hair partially covering his face… well, it just makes me melt.
_DSC0861The above four shots are definitely among my favorites. There’s just nothing more precious than a baby sleeping in his mama’s arms.
_DSC1090I think this is my favorite of the day of this little guy. Not sure why {maybe because it’s the stillest he sat for me all day??}, but I just loved how this shot turned out.
_DSC1165Oh, my… no words. Well, precious might work. But… beyond.
_DSC1448-bwWhat a happy accident to come across this as it was happening. These two above shots definitely fall into that category of magical moments that were going on. What a joy to capture it and give it back to them to keep, though it’s a moment that has already passed. Just so love these.
_DSC1591cropped-bwCouldn’t resist this one. Look at that sweet one eye peeking upward over the blanket. ❤
_DSC1594I think my little buddy picked that purple crocus for me… or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.
_DSC1641-bwAnd, LOVE again.

Thank you to the Allen family for entrusting me with preserving these moments for them.

{Here is the first shoot I did for them when their oldest was just a baby, in case you’re curious to see just how much he’s changed.}