Celebrating Mom

celebrating mom

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A while back, I gathered up all my favorites from the collection of photos I have of my mom for her birthday… I think it was when she turned 70. I had posted them on my old blog. But since I’m here in this space these days, I thought I’d post the photos again {with 15 minutes to spare before her birthday is over}, but this time, as a slideshow.

Today, she’s 72. There are lots of birthdays to celebrate around this time of year, starting with my grandmother. Then Mr. B. Now Mom. More than half of my posts since getting back on my blog have been birthday-related. And that’s a good thing, I think.

So many memories surface as I look at all these. So many things come to mind that I admire my mom for… things most who don’t know her personally wouldn’t know. Things that are the pieces of what makes her who she is, each one woven in and out of this set of photos. I won’t ever grow tired of looking at these photos. Each one brings a smile to my face. Sure, my grandmother has an impressive milestone under her belt at 100. But 72 is nothing to sneeze at. My mom has also lived a full life, with so much more in her yet to give, I believe.

Here is the most recent photograph I took of her…


It’s a delight to see what she looks like from age four through today. Izzy is approximately the age she was in those first photos of her in the slide show above… she was four, I believe. I can’t picture what he would look like decades from now, at 72. How delightful it would be to see and know him at that age, just as my grandmother does my mom. I best be eating my super-foods and getting more exercise if I want to see that day come… I would have to make it to age 112!

Well, here’s to you, Mom… and another year… and many more to come, I hope. Happy birthday!

{p.s… I can’t find your wedding picture… which I thought I had… anywhere. Otherwise, it would be in here, too, as it’s one of the best!}