Nothing but Silence

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“There are times when God sends thunder to stir us. There are times when God sends blessings to lure us.
But then there are times when God sends nothing but silence as he honors us with the freedom to choose where we spend eternity.”
― Max Lucado, He Chose the Nails

It has taken me a year to post these photos. I shot them in March 2014 for the Good Friday service at church, but never got around to posting them on my blog like I had intended. But with each year comes another opportunity to corporately reflect on what God did for us in sending his only son to die in our place. And with it, the opportunity for me to share the photos that I was able to create, hopefully in an artistic way, to convey part of that message.

These were used for the Good Friday production that was put on at church. Throughout the walk-through, there were little vignettes that told different aspects of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, as well as the days that led up to it. The first few photos were for the Jesus washes his disciples’ feet vignette. The hammer and nail photo was, as you’d probably figure out without my mentioning, for the Jesus being hung on a cross portion of the walk-through, as were the crown of thorns photos.

So… the photos turned out to be so much more than I anticipated. I wasn’t sure if I could create something that evoked emotion or not. But the lighting in the lobby of the church where I took these was so beautiful, which really helped me to create what I only hoped to. My favorites are the second {I love the texture in it} and the second to last. I feel a lot when I look at those two and am, thus, made reflective by them. I’ve considered printing the second shot and hanging it in my home as a reminder of how to serve those who are here with me in my home, just as Christ selflessly served his disciples. I keep putting that on the back burner… the print, not the serving… but posting the photo tonight is serving as a good reminder. Perhaps, very soon, I’ll have a photo of the photo, framed and hanging on my wall. Framing/hanging all my art has been one of my most recent priorities when it comes to setting up our home. So the timing of this is good… maybe not getting around to posting the photos for a whole year was best after all.

Anyway, artwork in my home was the farthest thing from my mind when I set out to post on my blog tonight. How easily I get distracted and led on a tangent.

How much are we like that in life, too? I know I often lose focus of what is most important. What God did. What we’re here for. Distractions and tangents are all around, tempting to lure us away from the core of our belief. Maybe we’re trying to fill in that silence that God is giving to us? I don’t know. I just know that a lot of the noise is self-created. This weekend, I’m trying to quiet all the noise and listen to the silence again.

I’ve known both thunder and blessing. But as we approach this Easter Sunday, I’m thankful for quiet and the freedom to choose, and now live and rest in the choice to spend eternity with God. And I’m thankful for the sacrifice and gift offered to me… grateful to have heard the good news that I can spend eternity with him simply by receiving his gift… ever grateful that Jesus paid the price in my place.