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Today, he’s 45.

Today, I celebrate those years.

Today, I celebrate him.

Today, I celebrate him because he has a purpose here.

Today, I celebrate that he is the father of the two beautiful children we made.

Today, I celebrate that he’s the best dad to our son… not just “the best” like you see on a World’s Best Dad mug. He’s the best dad I could have asked for to our son. More than I expected or ever imagined.

Today, I celebrate that I get to go through life with a good one… he’s one of the good ones. In fact, I happen to think there would be a whole lot less un-good in the world if there were a whole bunch more guys like him around.

Today, I celebrate that his path crossed mine, merged with mine, and never split back to his own again, even through the rockiest and ugliest of terrain.

Today, I celebrate my Mr. B.

{oh, and i celebrate that he still wants to be a pirate, all these years later, just like he did on and between his adolescent birthdays. he just now told me so… no joke. i’m letting him do whatever he wants today. that includes watching an old pirate movie from the 50s that happens to be on television, which he’s doing right now. <3. this is a much more pirate-like, hairy version of his clean-shaven, short-haired self at the moment… but i haven’t taken any recent shots of him, so this one will have to do.}