“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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Izzy—Daydreaming about what he’ll get for Christmas as he looks at the daily toy ads.

It’s so precious to see him understand Christmas gifts more this year, getting the whole hoopla more than he did last year. There is wonder and excitement in his eyes and voice. He wonders off to a comfortable spot {usually somewhere in the office, like in this shot} to peruse the circular ads and see what toys are being sold in stores at the moment made in St. Nick’s workshop. He’ll jump up and walk over to me, enthusiastically stating, “Mama, mama… there’s something you gotta see! I just gotta show you something…” pulling me over to his viewing spot, where he’ll point out the toy of the moment, and either tell me what it is, or ask me to tell him what something is called. If he goes on and on about it enough, I say, “Well, add it to your list. We’ll see if Santa brings it.”
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