“A portrait {or two} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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Izzy—Napping in mama’s bed.
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It’s rare that he takes naps anymore. And even more rare that he takes them in our room. But he was sick this past week, and he wanted the comfort of mama’s bed.

These photos mean so much to me. I wanted to lay down and sleep that day, too… and would have, had I not needed to talk to a potential client on the phone. So I had to forego a comfortable afternoon nap. But if I’d napped with him, I wouldn’t have been able to snap these two shots. It was worth fighting through the fatigue all day to get these photographs. When I see them, I think so vividly of the same crisp Fall days a year ago when all three of us would take naps together… Izzy, Anysia and me. It was a special time for us all… the only time I would ever have my two babies napping together with me.

It’s precious when he wants to nap back here again, and I can hardly turn down his plea to sleep in mama’s bed. Whether I get to join him or just watch him, it’s comforting either way. That’s why I love these images so much.

This sweetie has said a number of notable things this week. A few quite sweet. Others, the usual funny. But I’ve been much more wrapped up in freelance and photography jobs than usual and remiss with writing them down. I don’t want to be. I know he’ll always say endearing things, but there’s something about this stage that is like no other… when they’re still figuring out all the words and ways of saying things. I hope to document as many as possible before they stop.