Sometimes All You Need is Your Red Bike, Some Grape Juice, a Sandwich, Popcorn and Minions, and a Friend… a Really Good Friend


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This will be the first of several “how we spent our summer” photo dumps here. Today’s is from our picnic last week.

Yesterday, I spent more time than I would have liked to researching a way to get slide shows into my posts that have been embedded via external sources {like Flickr}… or, on other words, using photos hosted on another site instead photos directly uploaded to WordPress {the blogging platform this blog is on}. The reason for that is that I don’t like what happens to my photos when I upload them here. I’m not sure why, but the vibrance and color of the images changes when I do. So I usually just embed them via Flickr. It’s an extra step I wish I didn’t have to take, but it’s the only way to preserve the integrity of my photos… to keep them looking exactly as they do when viewed in my photo software.

I tested embedding a Flickr slide show on my old blog, and it worked perfectly {which was on the Blogger platform}. It just won’t work here in Wordpress. When I inquired about it on a WordPress forum, the answer I got was “If you are referring to the flickr slide show error message that appears that they do not support slide shows appearing in a frame, it is a known issue without any current solution.” Okay. I can live with that, WordPress. But then, can you please just fix the upload change that happens… or eliminate it? Then I will be a happy WordPress camper.

To illustrate how annoying the loss of photo integrity, look at the difference between this photo that resides on WordPress and that same exact photo as it looks on my Flickr site. Noticeably different, right? *pout*

What I do like about the gallery slide show view is that others can comment on a specific photo… just the way one can comment on a post.

Well, all that to say, I have far too many photos from our Summer to post in the normal format that I usually use {where each photo takes up its own post real estate, one after another, for the viewer to scroll down to see}. I’d have either far too long of posts or far too many posts after dividing up all the albums I want to publish. So I am forced to use WordPress’s gallery/slide show feature. Last time I did this, I used the smartphone-shaped slide window. But I didn’t like the small format, so this time, I’m creating a gallery where all the photos can be seen at once in a varied-size gallery layout {below}. But the photos can also be viewed as a slide show… just by clicking on any one of the photos. This will enlarge the photos and make them viewable one at a time with the ability to scroll through using the clickable arrows or by swiping {if on a tablet or phone device} or by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. {I’m throwing that—what might seem obvious to some—in for any reader who might not be as tech savvy as others.}

This is how I will be posting most of the photos I’ve accumulated over the Summer and haven’t had a chance to post yet. But who cares about all that, right? If you come here to catch up on all of us {eh-hem, Mom}, then you’re just here to see Izzy… not for a dissertation on how my photos and blog functions work, right? So, I’ll get right to it.

Izzy and I went on a picnic last week. We had little in the house to pack anything worth writing home about. That is to say, none of what we brought on our special little picnic was Pinterest-worthy. But it was the best little picnic pack I’ve ever partaken in. I scoured the fridge for whatever could make a modest-but-tasty sandwich. Roast beef with cheese, mayonnaise and mustard on a ciabatta roll is just perfect for me, and my little picnic date thought so, too. I threw in a couple of packets of his favorite Minion fruit chews, popped a bag of Orville’s Simply Salted Popcorn, and filled his bike-friendly sip-cup with cold grape juice for a hot summer day… and then we were off. The simplest of picnics I’ve ever been a part of. And it was mostly his idea. I couldn’t resist when he asked me to go along.

Unlike most of our park visits {which have always been sans food}, we went in style. He on his red tricycle {a first}. Me with my rarely used canvas and rope beach bag in place of a clunky picnic basket. The juice and Minions went with him in his little tricycle trunk.
This was a very important request that would have prevented us from going had it not been fulfilled.

Just him and me.

Possibly one of the sweetest times I’ve ever shared with him.


So here we go… click this one ↓ to start at the beginning. Scroll through to see them all, as well as any captions I’ve added to expound on our date.

Until I can find a better slide show solution, this is how I’ll post them. I’ll have several more Summer albums coming over the next couple weeks. Lots of photo dumps to catch up on before Autumn starts, and with it, the picture-taking of our little man out among all the colors Autumn brings.