21/52 {I almost forgot this week’s}






“A portrait {or five} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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Izzy—Enjoying {and wearing} a GOOD breakfast… and doing so quite well, I might add. One bowl of oatmeal makes this boy’s tummy happy.
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Once again, no multi-person conversations were documented this week, but I’ve written down a few things he said to me…

{After turning on the classical station during lunch…}
“I don’t want your silly girl music on. Turn that off.”

{Because I scolded him about opening the refrigerator door to scavenge for food
when he was supposed to be getting in his chair to be served the lunch I made him,
he ran out of the kitchen into the living room crying these words…}
“Mama’s a mean little critter.”

“What’s up, Doc? Fresh honey and carrots?”
{Not even sure what that was all about. But I loved it.}


UPDATE: I almost forgot this sweet convo he and I had…
A few nights ago, after observing a large bug fly up to the screen and flicker its wings about, making “big bug” noises, he asked what kind of “big scary bug” it was. So I informed him it’s probably a June Bug... that they always come around about this time of year, but that they are on the other side of the screen and can’t hurt him. This morning he said, “Mama, I can be safe from the Junior Bugs because they’re outside, right?” So I replied,”Yep, sweetie. The big scary Junior Bugs are outside and we are inside and you are safe with mama.” Junior Bugs… is what they will always be called from here on out… just like “cheek water”.