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“A portrait {or three} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”
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Izzy—at the park near Grandma’s house.
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Since this seems to be the stage when kids say the sweetest and funniest things—just because they are talking at all, and because they are still so innocent and naive, but smart as can be and the biggest sponges of what they hear and everything else they take in with their senses—I thought I would regularly document things Isaac says throughout the week that I deem record-worthy.

So in addition to last week’s and the second installment of what will be the way I do these Project 52 posts from here on out, here are a few things Isaac has said this past week.


Isaac: “I wish Anysia could come back.” {Said as we were tucking him in a couple of nights ago.} . .


Isaac: “I fink jelly beans are healfy for kids and stuff like that.”
Me: Nice try, Isaac. {Teach kids to talk and then they “fink” they know everything!} . .


Isaac: “Dance me to the music.” {Which means “pick me up and dance around while the music is on.”} . .


Isaac: {He had been telling me about three dogs being in our house, and since we have no dogs, I figured it had to be a dream. He proceeded…} “I hadded a dream about a choo choo train and a monster.”
Me: “Really? All of those things?”
Isaac: Nooooo… just two of them {It’s hilarious when he corrects me… and humbling.} . .


Isaac: “My froat {throat} hurts, Mama. I fink orange juice will make me feel better. But it won’t.”

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There would have been better options to choose from this week had I written them all down. But not yet knowing I would start using his comments for these posts, I did not write down most of what he said. I relied on my memory to include the sentences I did tonight. But there are plenty more where these came from, so I’m sure I’ll have some classic words for next week. Until next time…