Easter Day


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Since I can’t seem to write at all these days, I figure at least posting photos is better than posting nothing. Then I’ve still managed to document some sort of a visual record of the days… though I really wish I could be documenting them through words, too. I mean, I guess I could get on here and say “we did this, this and this today”… or “this week.” But even that has been difficult for me lately. One would think that, at the very least, I could do one of my These Days or Taking Stock posts to sort of generally document the days. The posts in those series practically have all the work taken out of them. But, no… not even those are coming easily for me lately.

So I figured I would just let myself do what I’ve tried to get away from as a blogger… photo dumps. When a boatload of photos is all I’ve got, then I just “gotta” do what I “gotta” do.

This first photo dump {in what will likely be many for the unforeseeable future} is a collection of images taken on our Easter Sunday… yesterday.

We took a drive to the city to see Mr. B’s husband and his wife, and their two daughters. This is the family whose little baby girl arrived on the scene a few months ago… just three weeks after we lost Anysia. She arrived two-and-a-half months early, giving me less time than I thought I would have to mentally prepare for the arrival of my brother- and sister-in-law’s baby.

As Saturday was the four-month mark of losing our little girl, you can imagine how difficult it might have been to go meet {for the first time} the little girl who would have grown up knowing her cousin, Anysia… but now will not. Mr. B’s brother and his wife found out they were pregnant shortly after we found out something was wrong with Anysia. They conceived just eleven weeks after we did. When my husband told me the news, I remember wanting to scream. Not because I was upset with anyone… not even God. Only because I did not know how to process the news, and I just knew that I still couldn’t grasp what was happening with my own pregnancy. None of it made sense. Not that it does now, but it was extremely confounding at the time.

Oh, look at that… I’m writing! Ha!… and I thought I couldn’t. Sometimes, all I need is just a few words to get going. But lately, it’s getting to those few words that has me stuck.

Anyway, since I’ve far too many photos to leave room for words, I’ll wrap this up now {and perhaps throw in a few captions below}. All in all, this was a fun day. The weather was superb and our little ones got along famously. We had a delicious brunch before heading outside and caught up on some life happenings in each other’s lives. I met the new baby and fell in love instantly… and hardly had a difficult time with it. I think God helped me to go through the day without being troubled or sad. I really was just so happy to be with our family, especially because we don’t know how much longer they will be living in the area.

We all had a nice, full day together, but I’ll try to let the photos speak for themselves on that. {By the way, it’s image-heavy posts like this one that make me wish I had a different blog layout with a wider post column, but I’m not ready to switch just yet. If there are any photos in which the details are difficult to see, clicking any photo will open a larger view of it.}


Off to the park in Radio Flyer style…



During the walk, I often lagged behind, because my brother- and sister-in-law live in such a beautiful area of the city… rich with old houses and interesting architecture… and as it is Spring, so much new life was sprouting up everywhere. So, of course, I had to capture some of that. I really enjoyed using my camera in that way for a change… It has been so long.








Below is my favorite architecture/Spring shot of the bunch. I got lucky to find such a perfect view and perspective of this as we walked. If we had been coming from another direction, I likely would not have walked around in search of the best shot, but rather would have taken it the first way that presented itself. Luckily for me, in the direction we were headed, this was the best perspective… compositionally speaking. I love how it turned out, and the mood just makes me happy.

At the park…
Time for blowing bubbles. Time for slides and swings and see-saws. Time to see cement as canvas and colored chalk as oil paints. Time to look for giant airplanes in the sky. Time to rest, enjoy the breeze and soak in the sun on park benches.










And now for my favorite people-pic of the day…

_DSC6808-bwPrecious baby girl. Isn’t she sweet? So happy she’s doing well. Only about a month ago would have been her birth date… she would only be one month old today had she gone full term. But as she was born 2.5 months early, she is now four months old… still looking as tiny and sweet as a brand new newborn, though.

Love the family shot I got of them!…

These next two make me smile… all the boys together. Mr. B., other Mr. B, and little Mr. B. Izzy loves his uncle almost as much as he loves his dada. Probably because Mr. B’s brother is so similar to him in personality and demeanor .


And one of us three, too…

_DSC6831-bwCan’t have Easter without the gratuitous Easter family shot.
Back to some play time…





And now it’s time to head back to the house.

Our guy was quite the little cruiser… all chilled and comfortable in his seat. He was crackin’ us up with his riding positions.


His cousin, on the other hand, was too tired to be impressed.

Home in a jiffy…

Here are the busy little beavers taking a rest to watch the Frozen DVD that came in Izzy’s cousin’s Easter basket. Izzy’s clothes were in the dryer because they had become soaked when the kids played with a water table. Told ya it was a full day!

Shortly before we left, while the kids finished the movie, I was delighted to have a chance to hold my new niece. She was precious, to be sure. To be quite honest, I was so taken with her and so involved in thinking about her as her mama and I talked, I didn’t even think of Anysia all that much… especially not in the sad, I-should-be-holding-my-own-daughter-right-now way that I thought I would be thinking about her.

But I also know a few people were praying for me that day, knowing I would be going where I was going. So I believe, again, that God was giving me peace to enjoy this sweet girl without feeling sorrow. I feel enough of sorrow when I’m at home. It was nice to not feel it there. I truly enjoyed our day with them all, and I am so happy to have had some photos taken of me with this little one.

My sis-in-law took them, and because I was holding her sweet baby, I had no free hands to sort of set the camera up for her. But she didn’t do too bad, considering the fact that the camera settings were likely all wrong.


_DSC6905I’m just happy to have the photos.

And remember when I said the shot further up {of my sis-in-law holding her newborn} was my favorite people pic of the day? Well, that is true… my favorite that was shot by me, that is. But if I had to pick a favorite of any photo shot by any person that day, it would have to be the photo my sis-in-law took when Isaac gave his cousin a kiss while I held her. Hands down, it is the most precious to me.

I wish I had been able to get something similar to this last photo in the hospital those six hours we had Anysia with us. But Izzy was too disoriented from the unfamiliar scene he found himself in that day to do something like this. All the more, I treasure this one. So thankful to have it.

That was our Easter. Next, we headed home where Izzy would partially devour a giant chocolate bunny before going to bed with sweet dreams of all things sweeter… chocolate, playgrounds, cousins… the list could go on and on.

Hope you had a blessed Easter, too.