“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”
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Izzy: Freezing at the park… because we were fooled into thinking it was Spring-like outside when we saw the bright sun and blue sky… with red licorice and his red truck. But, oh, what fun he had anyway—chilly or not. Just to be out of the house and climbing around new surfaces. I could tell it did him a world of good. We can’t wait to do it again… or for warmer weather to do it again in. Come quickly, Spring. Toddlers are not very patient.

{By the way, just when do you stop calling your toddler a toddler? He hardly seems like a toddler to me. He’s almost three and looks like he’s almost five… couldn’t believe how long his legs looked sticking out of that swing at the park compared to last time we were there in Autumn of 2013. At almost three, is he still a toddler? He no longer toddles. He pretty much just runs and jumps. I think he’s officially become “little boy” and “toddler” no more.}