These {Sledding} Days


{click on the photo to see Izzy’s sweet face up close}


























I decided to start up my These Days series posts again here… a series I used to do that originated back on my old blog. My goal for these posts is to share about the things going on in our lives as of late through a cross-section of photos that are of or pertaining to those things, along with some writing about our lately days, too. But I have not taken very many pictures recently, other than the kunik pictures and rose petal pictures i posted a short while ago and these sledding pictures before that. So instead, what’s been happening these days will have to be told more through words than with photos… which is okay, too. So here goes.

These days…

  • we’re doing what we can to mentally survive winter, which may or may not include enjoying the snow. {It’s likely that Isaac enjoys it. I can safely say I do not… unless enjoy means looking at it from inside, next to a fire with a cup of hot chocolate.}
  • we’re trying to overcome a very persistent stomach virus and trying not to let Izzy waste away to skin and bones in the mean time… UPDATE: and as of tonight, making six-hour visits to the emergency room to rehydrate. OY! this is beating me up right now.
  • we’re asking God for comfort.
  • we’re praying for our little baby niece who is still in the hospital and likely will be for a while.
  • we’re watching lots of films from the library… from Despicable Me to old period films set in the 19th century and lots of stuff in between. Winter is such a good time for catching up on movies.
  • we’re learning new songs.
  • we’re getting ready to break out the guitar, keyboard and recording equipment to start singing and recording some of those songs.
  • we’re telling the silliest jokes, because the sillier the better, in Izzy’s mind.
  • we’re noticing more and more iron in our water, and thus doing a lot of research on water softeners. {suggestions welcome}
  • we’re re-prioritizing our goals. Major life events spawn major life changes, hopefully for the better.
  • we’re making lots of fun tents out of blankets and things.
  • we’re sustaining memories of a baby girl who left us and left a deep void that is felt as we walk around and throughout our home, trying to fill these rooms with the memory of her.
  • we’re thinking and talking a lot about what this next year would be like not pregnant. We have only been living here a year, and the majority of that year was my pregnancy… a very nauseous {and then heartbreaking} pregnancy that prevented us from fully enjoying our new home. It’s hard for us to imagine what it would feel like when April arrives to live here not pregnant. The nausea may be be gone. But there will still be broken hearts. But hopefully hearts that mend over time as we all cling tightly to each other and enjoy the home we have.

A little bit about the photos in this post… I thought I’d seize the opportunity to share the rest of the sledding pictures from our visit last Sunday to the somewhat new home of our friends, Kellie and Bobby {the first friends of ours whose names Izzy learned to say a year ago}. Their new house backs up to a nature preserve, which is where the hill we were sledding down is located… a nature preserve we used to live near ourselves and often took Izzy to. Many a time, I would go there with my camera, both before and after he was born. It’s a beautiful place to take pictures. I think the last time I was there was on a beautiful day back in the in the Fall of 2012… too long ago. Moving one town away with no second car, we just don’t get back there anymore. We no longer have the luxury of walking to it from home any time we want like we used to. So it was nice to be back. Cold, but nice.

Izzy had fun. I did not. My inner child was dubious to come out and play that day. In my adult years, I’ve proven not to be a big snow person… unless, like I said above, looking at it is all that is involved. I used to love to sled as a child. For Izzy’s sake, I wish that love was still there. And for Izzy’s sake, I bravely went that day, even though sledding-love is not still there.

I found it hard to be out of the house, period, on Sunday… not just because sledding was involved. Emotionally, all I wanted to do was stay in and not be social that day. But I’m glad we went, because in addition to the fun Izzy had, the rest of us had a nice time talking over a cup of hot chocolate after our brief time of sledding, while Izzy played with their napping son’s toys. And thankfully, my friends were not afraid to acknowledge the big elephant in the room that is my grief, so they dared to ask how I was doing. I knew they were genuinely interested in knowing, because they let me talk, they listened, and they felt comfortable responding about it all, allowing and carrying on with the conversation as long as it naturally flowed… never trying to change the subject out of awkwardness.

So, though my toes were frozen, my heart was warmed… and I left there grateful for friends who were able to melt the cool exterior that surrounded it. I know that is not easy.