“A portrait {or several} of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


I got this post in just in time. I’m joining the ranks of many mama bloggers who are doing one post per week—so 52 weeks for the year—with a portrait of their children. I had actually been seeing this around on blogs for about a year now, starting on one of my favorite blogs with other bloggers following suit. I could have joined in when I first saw it, I suppose. But then I would have been starting out in the middle of the project.

So last April, when I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited about the prospect of doing it for 2014 after the baby’s close-to-the-new-year arrival… I could start fresh for the new year and fresh with our newest kiddo. I would do two photos per week. One of Isaac and one of our newest little squirt.

Well… I almost couldn’t bring myself to do it, now that the new year is here. I had so looked forward to participating in the project, and by it, seeing both my children grow and change over the course of a year in a series of 52 photos each. To think about how there will be one of my children missing from those posts… it’s heartbreaking. She is still my child. She just won’t be in the pictures.

I remember when Izzy was born… I took so many pictures of him all the time. My Facebook friends can attest to that. They were probably sick of seeing his picture all the time. But that is what excited brand new mamas do… especially the ones who are practicing to become a photographer.

The thing is, though, even with as many shots as I got of him in those days, I wasn’t just disciplined enough to do a weekly series… something tagged {the way this series will be… 52 Project } that I could pull up later and look back on to show how little he changed from week to week, but how much he changed from beginning to end. So I was excited to start over and be disciplined in doing that with our second child, along with Izzy starting half-way through his second year.

Of course, after finding out about Anysia’s condition, I never really thought about it again… there were more important things on our minds. In fact, even taking photos of Izzy got put on the back burner. Partly because my old camera had broken. And partly because I was often too distraught or ill to care.

Anyway, I will start anew… a portrait of Isaac once a week, every week, in 2014.

This will be difficult for me. Not the taking pictures part… rather, keeping it to just one photo per post. But it will be good practice for me in my photography business… to shoot less photos to begin with, and then to figure out which are the best to choose for giving to the client. {Yep, I know… I’m not off to a good start. Eight photos isn’t bad, though… if you knew how many I shot to begin with.}

These posts aren’t meant to be long-winded. Just this first one will be… so as to explain the project I am embarking on. From now on, they’ll contain just one photo and a caption explaining where he’s at and what he’s doing. Um… well, maybe.

• • • • •

I also had a lot of other stuff to say today. Like, how right after I took these pictures, Izzy saw his baby sister’s little black patent leather mary jane shoes next to my bed and picked them up. Then he said, “What are these?” When I told him, he laid down on Mr. B’s pillow and said with a sad face, “I miss my baby sister.” And it broke my heart. So I curled up next to him and said, “I do too, baby boy. I do too.”

And how it must seem strange that Izzy is often only in his diaper, even in the middle of January. This is how it’s always been, as long as he has been capable of taking his own clothing off. Look here. And here. See? He just prefers it. Not sure why. Maybe because his mama likes to keep the heat up really high in the winter?? But he’s even more fond of it now, because when he’s sans-clothing, then he can call himself Peach Crayon… one of the characters in Izzy’s favorite book who shows up on one of the last pages and makes him laugh every time, because the crayon is naked {has had its paper wrapper peeled off}. Side note: It’s a seriously cute book, and i recommend it if you are a mama of young kids.

And how my feet are so badly swollen… a postpartum symptom that I forgot about going through after Isaac was born. This means a bad stretch of stiff and painful joints is on the way, which I can already feel beginning in my right thumb… exactly where it started after Isaac was born, too. Within months, it took over every joint of my body, taking just as long to subside as it took to build up. Not looking forward to the painful physical reminders of having a baby, as there are enough of the painful emotional kind.

And how we’re still getting cards and notes from people saying the nicest things… sometimes from people I don’t even know, and sometimes from people we haven’t seen in years and lost touch with. It’s been such a nice thing, and I am so encouraged at how thoughtful people are at times like this.

Well, I have five more minutes before midnight strikes… and then it will officially be week two of 2014. So I better publish this week 01/52 post. And then it’s off to bed. Everything else will have to wait…